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Wedding Ceremony in Perth, Western Australia


Hi to everyone,

I would love to share with you story of a recent wedding, where I was lucky enough to be the Marriage Celebrant for the day.

The wedding was a small intimate occasion with around fourteen close friends and family.

Couples own Wedding Board, ceremony in Perth, Western Australia

The vows were beautiful, yet simple. However, I won’t digress too much.

The bride’s vision of the perfect ceremony, was simple, intimate, but with a little exotic charm.

She hand decorated a balinese hut in the backyard of her new home, with handmade decorations. They had special relevance as she had started them in her previous home country of Vietnam, before leaving for Australia.

The bride also hand made a name board for her and her new husband, please see the photos.

The ceremony went very smoothly and the couple were very happy

Everyone enjoyed the day and appreciated the brides personal touch.

If you are looking for ideas for your own name board, Pinterest is a great place to start and you can find some great ideas here on etsy.

Some of our brides even draw lots of inspiration from online magazines like Brides.

Whatever your inspiration, I hope you have a wonderful day!


Balinese style hut, decorated for a wedding in perth